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Optima Therapies is an online provider of speech-language therapy and dyslexia intervention for children and adults. The online therapy model allows for the delivery of services across the United States and in regions with limited specialized support.  In addition to therapy,  you can schedule  a consultation, screening or a comprehensive evaluation.  All treatment plans are implemented in accordance with evidence-based practices, and special considerations are given to individual learning styles and needs.    

Speech & Language

Speech and language treatment areas 

include, but are not limited to, expressive

and receptive language disorders, articulation

disorders, childhood apraxia of speech

and social/pragmatic language.  Click the link

to learn more about speech and language 

services and areas of treatment.

Kid Piling Blocks
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Having dyslexia makes learning to read difficult. Although dyslexia is not a condition to be outgrown, there are teaching approaches that can help. Click the link to learn more about indicators of dyslexia.


Online Therapy

Optima Speech & Language offers online sessions for speech and language intervention. Click the link below  to learn more about how you might benefit from an online therapy model.

Mother and Daughter
Online Workshop


Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Saturday - Closed

Sunday - Closed

To schedule a free consult

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