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Tips On Helping Children With Sentence Formulation

Updated: Jul 5


Speak using clear and complete sentences. When conversing with children, model proper grammar and syntax. Repeat their sentences back to them with corrections if necessary.

Visual Aids 

Utilize visual aids like pictures, drawings, or flashcards to illustrate sentence structure. Break down sentences into subject, verb, and object, using visuals to represent each component.

Sentence Starters 

Provide sentence starters to prompt their thinking. For instance, "I see a..." or "Today, I feel..." This can help jumpstart their sentence formation process.


Engage children in storytelling activities where they have to construct sentences to narrate a story. Encourage them to describe characters, settings, and events using complete sentences.

Structured Activities 

Use structured activities such as fill-in-the-blank sentences or sentence-building games. These activities provide scaffolding for sentence formulation while still allowing for creativity.

Sentence Expansion

Start with simple sentences and encourage children to expand them by adding more details or clauses. For example, turn "The cat sat" into "The fluffy cat sat on the cozy couch.”


Ask open-ended questions that require complete sentence answers. This encourages children to think critically and express themselves using full sentences.


Encourage children to maintain a journal where they write about their experiences, thoughts, and feelings using drawings, words or sentences. Discuss what they have drawn or written and help them turn their thoughts into complete sentences.

Peer Interaction 

Facilitate peer interactions where children can engage in conversations and practice talking with their friends. Peer feedback and modeling can be valuable in improving  skills


Praise and Encouragement 

Offer praise and encouragement for efforts made in forming sentences. Positive reinforcement can boost confidence and motivation in children, making them more willing to engage in  activities.



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