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Speech Sound Development Chart

Updated: Jul 6

What speech sounds should my child be saying? As a speech-language pathologist, I am often asked this question by parents and teachers. Although children develop at different rates, this chart can help guide you in determining whether or not your child may be producing speech sound errors. This chart represents the average age for the accurate production of consonant sounds, and it is based on the latest research in the area of articulation. In speech, articulation refers to the production of speech sounds. It involves the coordinated motor movements of the mouth, which includes the lips, tongue, palate, teeth, and breathing. If a child of the age of three says wabbit for rabbit, the distortion of the /r/ sound is within the typically developing range. If an 8-year-old says wabbit for the word rabbit, it is considered to be outside the average range, and a consultation with a speech-language pathologist should be considered. Articulation errors can negatively impact a child's social and educational development. It can lead to decreased intelligibility, (the ability to be understood by others) spelling errors, and reluctance to talk to peers and adults. To get a free copy of this chart, clink the link below.




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